Supa-Trem Jr and Full-Drive2 V2 - Massive Giveaway

We're gearing up to release two -- count 'em TWO -- impressive updates to some already awesome Fulltone pedals.

Announcing, the Fulltone Supa-Trem Jr and the new Full-Drive 2 V2.

The ST-Jr is much, much smaller than the ST-1 at only 3.9" wide x 4" deep, and is a more intelligent version of the epic Supa-Trem1. Sporting True-Bypass, Tap-Tempo, external Tap jack, Half/Double hold feature, up to 15dB boost, true Square, Sine, and the natural heartbeat-like Warble wave-forms! It also can do speeds so slow that a full cycle takes around 10 seconds, and fast speeds beyond 220bpm.

The FD2 V2 is based around the desirable JRC4558 chip and 1990’s Full-Drive circuit, with 2 toggle switches for many more sonic options. 30% smaller than the FD2-MOS, 15% smaller than the FD3 at only 4.45" wide x 4" deep. It sports 2 Footswitches: Left ON/OFF footswitch: True-Bypass switching with exclusive Fulltone “No-Pop” circuit. Right “Channel select” footswitch: switches between Overdrive 1 or Overdrive 2, each with individually adjustable Volume and Drive knobs.

And, best of all... we're giving away three of each of them. Use the links below to enter each giveaway.

Enter the Full-Drive2 V2 giveaway Enter the Supa-Trem Jr giveaway